Good Shepherd Anglican Church

Good Shepherd is a parish church of the Orthodox Anglican Church in America

  • Anglican quite simply means; English speaking
  • Anglicanism refers to the Christian churches that arose in medieval England.
  • The 1928 Book of Common Prayer is central to our worship and mass
  • We emphasize the catholic and evangelical heritage of our historic faith
  • The Holy Communion and Apostolic succession of the episcopate are primary elements in our worldwide communion
  • Our worship is based in God’s word and the traditions of the one true church
  •  We use altar candles, ecclesiastical vestments, incense, and other symbols to emphasize the truth of God and His Holy Word
Weekly Schedule


10 AM – Morning Prayer

11 AM – Mass w/ Holy Communion

Mon, Thur, Fri

9 AM – Morning Prayer


9:15 AM – Mass w/ Holy Communion

Fellowship meal follows each Sunday.

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Get In Touch

 Email: Bishop Thomas Gordon tgordon@orthodoxanglican.net

Phone: 843-874-0122

Drop By

Good Shepherd Anglican Church 700 35th Avenue North

Myrtle Beach, SC 29577