Good Shepherd Anglican Church

Good Shepherd is a parish church of the Orthodox Anglican Church in America


The Orthodox Anglican Church was incorporated in 1964 as a Province of the Holy Catholic Church

Archbishop Emeritus T. Creighton Jones on a ministerial trip to the Congo

We are a member of the worldwide Orthodox Anglican Communion which encompasses churches throughout the United States, Italy, Eastern Europe, India, and Africa


Good Shepherd Anglican is Orthodox in doctrine and as a confessional church we adhere to the Nicene & Apostles Creed, the Athanasian Creed, and the 39 Articles of Religion.

  • Anglican quite simply means; English speaking
  • Anglicanism refers to the Christian churches that arose in medieval England.
  • The 1928 Book of Common Prayer is central to our worship and mass
  • We emphasize the catholic and evangelical heritage of our historic faith
  • The Holy Communion and Apostolic succession of the episcopate are primary elements in our worldwide communion

  • Our worship is based in God’s word and the traditions of the one true church
  •  We use altar candles, ecclesiastical vestments, incense, and other symbols to emphasize the truth of God and His Holy Word
Weekly Schedule

Sunday Worship 11 AM

Monday Morning Prayer 9AM

Thursday Mass w/ Holy Communion 9AM

Friday Morning Prayer 9AM

Fellowship meal follows each Sunday.

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Get In Touch

 Email: Bishop Thomas Gordon tgordon@orthodoxanglican.net

Phone: 843-874-0122

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Good Shepherd Anglican Church 700 35th Avenue North

Myrtle Beach, SC 29577