How We Worship

Good Shepherd Anglican Church is bible based and grounded in the historic Apostolic New Testament church. Our worship has been passed down to us from the Apostles and guided by the Holy Spirit throughout the church age. Our Sunday Mass is joyful, serious, and intentionally designed to focus our minds toward the glory of the One True God. Our ministers process reverently behind the cross, as Saint Paul taught, “For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified” [1 Cor 2:2 KJV].

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1928 Book of Common Prayer
Book of Common Prayer

In our worship we use the 1928 Book of Common Prayer (BCP) which is descended from the 1549 and the 1662 Books of Common Prayer. We use the BCP as a means of preserving unity in worship, it guides us in daily and weekly readings from both testaments of Holy Scripture, and grounds our prayers in the very prayers and verses of God’s Word.


Hearing God’s Word preached on Sunday is a vital element of our Sunday Mass. We carry on the tradition passed down from the Apostles and written about in the Book of Acts, where we learn that the early Christians gathered together on the Lord’s Day (Sunday).


In our worship, our ministers and altar servers wear vestments (ecclesiastical garments) as a manner of being rooted in the ancient traditions of our church forefathers. While some of the colors and ecclesiastical dress is related to the church calendar and time of the year, another good reason we incorporate vestments in our worship is that our congregants will not focus on the clothing of our worship leaders, but rather would focus on God and Him alone. Modern designer clothing, labels, etc. can be a distraction, and we want our entire focus to be upon our Savior, Lord and God.

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Our ministers use incense in our worship, not merely because of the beautiful aroma, but because it is grounded in the historic worship of God throughout the history of the Church.

The Ordination of the Priesthood
The Sign of the Cross

During our worship, our ministers and congregants will often make the sign of the cross. This is not out of superstition, but as a sign of both reverence and remembrance, that it is only through the cross we are saved and sanctified. During the gospel reading, some members do a triple sign of the cross, first upon the forehead, then the lips, and then the heart; this is in reference to verses such as Psalm 119 in which the Psalmist speaks about engaging the mind, the lips, and the heart, in the worship of God.

Holy Communion

The Sacrament of Holy Communion is central to our Sunday Mass. All baptized Christians are welcome to this sacrament at Good Shepherd.


All of the candles lit each Sunday have important meanings and purpose.